Telemetric data

What do we gather?

  • Library's name: if you use a library in the build.gradle file, and it's not in our library database, we gather this information (library's name + library's version) to enrich our library database so that we can provide you better coverage of library analysis.
  • If you use the one of the quick-fixes: e.g update to version x.y.z, we record that this option is used by an anonymous user. We do not know who you are, and we do not collect your code. Below is an example of the available quick-fixes for an outdated version of the bumptech-glide library.
    examplary quick-fixes
  • If you find the information provided by Up2Dep incorrect/insufficient or useful, you can always provide us feedback with the option "Give feedback on this check". This will greatly help us in improving Up2Dep.
    provide feedback to improve Up2Dep

Join us in making Up2Dep better

  • We would really appriciate for feedback so that we can improve Up2Dep. During the first hours of using Up2Dep, we will ask you to join us in filling out a survey, so please help us in supporting you - supporting Android developers write more secure code.
  • If you happen to find a check (e.g, notification from Up2Dep) incorrect, please use the option "provide feedback on this check" to notify us, we will work on it to make newer versions of Up2Dep better. With this option, Up2Dep will send to our server the library's name, and the feedback option (false positive, useful, more information needed, ...) that you choose.

How to opt-out from the telemetry feature

If you are uncomfortable with what we are gathering, you can choose to opt-out from this feature. After opening a project, please choose Menu -> Help -> Up2Dep Configuration -> Exclude this project from telemetry data. Then Up2Dep will not collect any information from you.